Over the past couple of moths we have organised meet and makes that evolved around the proces of waking up and the investigation of what this waking up means and entails. We worked with theme’s like ‘Value’, ‘Failure’, ‘Ego and the self’, ‘Ownness’ and ‘Fluidity’. Theme’s that very organically followed up on each other and mark the path that we have taken the past months where you can see we are teaching our selves to focus on the proces rather than the result, to create more honest, playful and with more intention and attention.

We are currently organising an exhibition that will be open from 03-06 till 07-06 to bring to life our underlying intention by means of the works we created during these meet & make’s. We want to celebrate and summarise our first steps into collaborative making and want to invite you to engage with us in further conversation.

This exhibition marks the start of a new period, for us, in which we want to continue this process of growing with more confidence and direction, intention and publication in the format of a zine and an exhibition. We are currently looking for artists who want to join post-post for this first collective project. Many things are possible, there are no rules; just a theme and engagement. This engagement is more about being present mentally with the project, than physically.

Theme = Movement & the static, an interpretation of chaos and structure. (that is everything)

The homebase of the post-post for now is Studio het Duivennest at de Hillevliet 90. We will work here on the project collectively on Saturdays, from 2PM, conversations, feedback, writing, documentations and making. The open-call kick-off will happen on 25-07-2021 Sunday night and we will festively round up on the last day of October.

The reason we are approaching you, is because we believe in you and would love to learn, play and art with you!

If you would like to take part in this project or have any questions, send us a mail (, in which you briefly, what your intention is within the post-post, and we will soon get back to you!